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Latest Series by Dr. Hiles

The government of affirmation is an addition to a series titled Repentance Accesses the Kingdom.  The old covenant was a government of condemnation and the new covenant is a government of    affirmation.  In the old covenant we were servants and in the new covenant we are sons.  This series is about living life in the context of Sonship.

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“Unforced Rhythms of Grace - The grace of God that flows from rest”

It is faith in Christ and His finished work that brings us into this incredible Promised Land called rest. Christ is the fulfillment of all the promises that God made to the fathers. In Christ, all of God’s promises are “yes and amen.”


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I don't want to just make Heaven my home.
I want to make my home like Heaven.

In full time traveling ministry since 1980, Dr. Lynn Hiles has taken the revelation of God's love and grace to people around the world.  Dr. Hiles flows in the gifts of the spirit and gives insight and oversight to churches internationally. He also hosts a national TV program titled "Dr. Lynn Hiles - That You Might Have Life" on TCC (The Church Channel) on Dish Network and Direct TV.


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Lynn Hiles Ministries is a mobile ministry that travels nationally & internationally.

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"Dr. Lynn Hiles - That You Might Have Life".
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Dr. Hiles dynamically teaches on the finished work of the cross, the message of God's never-ending love, and His grace which causes us to have an abundant life.



"Ground Breaking Sermons That Will Change Your Life"

Join our "Message of the Month" where featured audio messages are taken from Dr. Hiles’ most recent travels and are what he believes to be the most relevant word from God for that month. Periodically, he will feature a different speaker.

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